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The Art of Brew: Discovering Craft Beers of Key West

Key West, It’s the ideal location to unwind and savor some of the world’s most delectable beverages. The island has many beautiful cocktails, but rum stands out above all else. Many locals and visitors like creating new rum-infused drinks, whether a traditional mojito or something more contemporary like a rum old-fashioned. So there’s no need to search further if you’re looking for the best rum-based cocktails in Key West. Some of our favorites are included below.

Key West, a bustling and picturesque island tucked away at Florida’s southernmost point, is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, laid-back vibe, and extensive maritime history. But Key West has another feature that shouldn’t be disregarded: its longstanding relationship with rum. Key West has developed into a rum lover’s dream destination thanks to its long history of rum manufacturing and tropical environment, which is ideal for growing sugarcane. In this blog article, we’ll take you on a quest to find Key West’s top rum brands so you may enjoy the island’s liquid riches while sipping sunshine.

Hemingway Rum Company

The Hemingway Rum Company, which bears the name of the famous author who formerly resided in Key West, successfully captures the island’s spirit in each bottle. This distillery, situated in the Historic Seaport neighborhood, creates premium rums utilizing the finest sugarcane molasses imported from Florida. Their signature rum, Papa’s Pilar, honors Ernest Hemingway’s spirit of exploration and passion for the ocean. Papa’s Pilar Rum is a must-try for rum lovers visiting Key West because of its flavorful smoothness and complexity.

Key West First Legal Rum Distillery

As its name suggests, the Key West First Legal Rum Distillery holds a special place in the island’s history. Established in 2013, it was the first legal rum distillery in Key West since the Prohibition era. Their dedication to crafting authentic, small-batch rums using traditional methods is evident in every sip. From their flagship Legal Rum to flavored varieties like Key Lime and Coffee, this distillery offers a diverse range of handcrafted rums embodying Key West’s spirit.

Rum Fashioned

The Old Fashioned with Rum A new take on an old favorite, this old fashioned’s use of aged rum gives the drink’s already robust flavors a sweetness. This drink is also perfect for individuals who want something more sophisticated than just a shot of simple spirits but still want to enjoy each sip.

Black Coral Rum

For those seeking a unique and artisanal rum experience, Black Coral Rum is a true standout. Handcrafted in small batches using a traditional copper pot still, this rum is made with only the finest Florida sugarcane and molasses. The result is a smooth and sophisticated spirit showcasing its creators’ craftsmanship and dedication. Black Coral Rum offers a range of expressions, including their flagship Silver, Gold, and Spiced rums, each with its distinct character.

Key West Legal Rum

Key West Legal Rum is another prominent player in the island’s rum scene, offering visitors a taste of history with every sip. Distilled in the heart of Key West, this rum brand follows traditional methods dating back to the 1800s, paying homage to the island’s rum-making heritage. Their lineup includes aged rums that have been meticulously crafted and aged in oak barrels, resulting in rich and complex flavors that capture the essence of Key West.

As you explore the best rum brands in Key West, remember to soak up the island’s vibrant culture and tropical charm. Key West offers many experiences for rum enthusiasts and curious travelers, from lively bars and waterfront restaurants to quaint distillery tours. So, raise your glass, bask in the sunshine, and embark on a rum-filled adventure in this charming corner of paradise.


To sum up, Key West has a long history with rum, and each distillery offers its spin on the island’s liquid gold. A trip to Key West will give you a newfound respect for this ageless and adaptable libation, regardless of whether you are an experienced rum expert or are just starting to explore the world of spirits. To experience a tropical paradise, travel to the southernmost part of the US, drink sunshine, and let the flavors of Key West’s top rum brands do the rest.

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