Rum Runner Vacation in key West

Rum Runner Vacation in key West

Key West, Florida, is a tropical haven that has long been a well-liked tourist spot. Key West, renowned for its immaculate beaches, fascinating history, and exciting nightlife, has something to offer every kind of tourist. The Rum Runner tour is a must-do excursion for everyone searching for a distinctive vacation experience. Because of this, it’s the ideal holiday spot for anybody looking for an action-packed but informative getaway.

Visit the key west’s first legal rum distillery to enjoy the whole Key West rum runner experience. Paul Menta, the Top businessman in key west and the expert chef who loved producing premium spirits, built this distillery in 2012. Paul, the rum expert, will treat you to the best rum in key west. Menta’s key west legal rum distillery is special because it allows guests to taste some of the best rum in key west while learning about the history of rum running in Key West.

In this blog, we will tell you about the Rum runner vacation in key west and how you could have the best experience on your excursion. 

Explore the First Legal Rum Distillery 

Visiting Key West’s first legal rum distillery is the first step in obtaining the entire Rum Runner experience. Visitors may learn about the history of rum running in Key West, and the distillation process on the daily excursions offered. You will learn about the many kinds of rum the distillery makes and observe the distillation procedure in action throughout the tour. Also, you can try some of the rum and buy a bottle to take home.

About the Rum Runner Tour 

A well-liked activity in Key West is the Rum Runner tour, which takes tourists through the history of rum running on the island. Key West served as a conduit for smugglers who imported illicit booze from the Caribbean during Prohibition. By bringing tourists on a voyage around the island as they drink delectable rum cocktails and discover the island’s interesting heritage, the Rum Runner tour recreates this exciting period in history.

Booking of the Tour Tickets 

Booking the excursion is the first step to having a Rum Runner holiday in Key West. Online or in-person reservations for the tour can be made at the Historic Seaport ticket office. It is advised to reserve in advance, especially during the busiest travel season, since the tour frequently sells out.

The Tour 

A two-hour voyage through Key West’s past is offered as part of the Rum Runner trip. Upon onboard, a welcoming staff welcomes guests and gives them a quick overview of the boat’s history and what to anticipate throughout the trip. The first rum cocktail is then offered to visitors, setting the tone for the remainder of the trip. The crew shares intriguing details about the island’s rum-running past as the boat approaches. Visitors get knowledge of the various smuggling methods employed during the Prohibition era and hear tales of courageous smugglers who put their lives in danger to sneak alcohol into the country.

Entertainment of Tourists

Visitors are treated to delectable rum drinks created by the onboard bartender throughout the trip. Local Key West rums are used to create the drinks, which further enhances the feeling of authenticity. Cocktails may be sipped while admiring the breathtaking views of the island and the ocean around.

Recommendations for maximising your experience on an excursion

These are a few recommendations that will enhance the tour’s joy and make it more memorable. 

Show up on time 

At least half an hour before the tour is planned, departure time is advised for arrival at the Historic Seaport. This gives you time to register, settle into your space on the boat, and have a drink before the trip begins.

Carry a camera 

The nicest thing about taking photographs during a vacation is that they serve as the greatest reminders of the experience later on. A camera or smartphone is a fantastic idea to carry so you can record the recollections of the Rum Runner trip. This will undoubtedly make your vacation experience more beautiful.

Chill out and Amuse yourself

It’s crucial to unwind and enjoy the trip since the Rum Runner tour is a pleasant and thrilling adventure. Because these rums are among the best in Key West, the onboard bartender serves a range of rum cocktails, so it’s worthwhile to taste a few along the trip.

Attire with accordance to weather 

It’s essential to dress accordingly for the weather because the trip takes place on a boat. Lightweight clothes and sunscreen are essential because they may get hot and muggy throughout the summer. Carrying a jacket or sweater is advised because it might get chilly during the winter.

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