Key West Bourbon Whiskey Red Bottle 105 Proof


Looking for a sophisticated and upscale rum to enjoy in Key West? Look no further than the Bourbon Whiskey Red Bottle. This rum is perfect for those who enjoy a refined taste. Made with only the finest quality ingredients, this rum is sure to impress. It is perfect for keywest people who love a good bourbon. It’s made with high-quality ingredients and has a professional tone.

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    your perfect choice for a sophisticated drink on the island of Key West. This Whiskey is made with the finest ingredients and brings the taste of Kentucky bourbon to your bar or party. With its deep red color and smoky flavor, this Whiskey is perfect for enjoying with friends while soaking up the sun.

    Small batch, only 270 bottles available

    105 proof- Red bottle- 70 corn, 21 rye, 9 melted barley

    Note of  vanilla, honey , herby spicy notes and slight hint of anise on finish….very smooth


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