Past of Key West and Rum-You All need to Know

Past of Key West and Rum-You All need to Know

The little island settlement of Key West is situated at the southernmost tip of the US and has a fascinating past intertwined with the history of rum. Key West has long been a centre for the manufacture and consumption of rum due to its tropical environment and closeness to the Caribbean. The island’s rich history reflects this relationship. The history of rum in Key West is part of the island’s history. 

What is rum?

Rum is a distilled alcoholic drink created from sugarcane residue. It is widely used as liked beverage all around the world. 

In this blog, we will tell you about the Past of Key West and Rum and will also tell you about the Rum chef, Paul Menta’s distillery in key west, from where you can grab yourself the best rum in key west. Paul is an expert in rum fermentation, and his distillery will surely provide you with the best rum in key west

The backstory of rum in key west 

Key West had had rum in its history since the early 1800s when several pirate ships called the island home. While attacking Spanish galleons and other ships travelling through the Caribbean, these pirates frequently used Key West as a base. Rum was a mainstay on pirate ships since it was an accessible, affordable, and portable supply of alcoholic beverages. The rum business in Key West kept expanding as piracy started to diminish. Taking advantage of the plentiful sugarcane cultivated on the island, many locals started making their rum.

The Pilar Rum Distillery, founded by William Curry, was one of Key West’s most well-known rum distilleries. Curry was a Famous businessman in key west who built his money in the shipping sector. He made significant investments in the Pilar Rum Distillery after seeing the potential of Key West’s rum sector. The distillery immediately became one of the most prosperous in the area, producing premium rum that was exported to all 50 states.

Prohibition Era 

Alcohol production and sales were prohibited in the US during Prohibition. William McCoy was among the most well-known rum smugglers during the Prohibition era. McCoy was a Canadian businessman who sold premium rum to speakeasies and other illicit places after smuggling it into the country. Because McCoy’s rum gained such widespread acclaim, it was given the moniker “the real McCoy,” which is still used to denote something sincere and of superior quality. 

KEY WEST’S first legal rum distillery 

The Key West rum sector saw a slump when the Prohibition era ended. Several of the Prohibition-era distilleries that had thrived could not compete with bigger, older distilleries in other regions of the country. Then in 2012, the expert chef and Top businessman in key west, paul menta, opened KEY WEST’S first legal rum distillery, and this step took the rum business back to life in key west. He started selling key west legal rum, which the passage of time, became one of the tourist attractions of key west. 

The Key West First Legal Rum Distillery is in the centre of Old Town. A range of rum, including spiced, white, and dark, is produced at the distillery. All of the rums are produced in small quantities utilising conventional distillation techniques and locally found ingredients. Visitors learn about the history of rum in Key West and the distillation process through the distillery’s tours and tastings. Also, visitors can buy rum bottles to bring home as souvenirs.

Key West’s rich and unique culture reflects its history as strongly related to the history of rum. One illustration of the island’s devotion to maintaining its rum-making legacy is the Key West First Legal Rum Distillery.

Other rum distilleries 

There are many rum distilleries on the island, including the Hemingway Rum Company and Papa’s Pilar Rum, in addition to the Key West First Legal Rum Distillery. Each of the rums available from these distilleries has a distinctive flavour character. 

Rum has played a significant role in Key West’s history and culture, and the drink is still well-liked there today. Key West is a terrific spot to learn about the world of rum, whether you’re a rum connoisseur or just like a nice drink. Key West has a rich history directly connected to the creation and use of rum, from its background as a pirate city to its involvement during Prohibition.

In this blog, we have given you an account of the Past of Key West and Rum and also made you familiar with how the rum became prohibited in key west and how Paul Menta took it back to life in the settlement.

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