Key West Distilling's Rum Diet

Key West Distilling’s Rum Diet

In Key West, Florida, there is a small-batch handmade distillery. This distillery provides key west legal rum and is called Key West Distillery. This key west rum distillery is renowned for its hand-crafted, finely sourced regional rums, vodkas, and gins that have won several awards. The “Rum Diet,” a low-carb, gluten-free, and keto-friendly rum that has developed a cult following among health-conscious consumers and cocktail fans alike, is one of their most distinctive products. 

The conventional rum foundation ingredient, molasses, creates The Rum Diet using a special distillation process that separates the alcohol from the sugar and other impurities. The outcome is a smooth and delicious spirit with a distinctly clean taste without the added sugars and carbohydrates often present in other rums.

In this blog, we will be giving you an account of Key West Distilling’s Rum Diet and will be telling you the benefits of this diet.

Rum Diet Concept

The creator of Key West Distillery, Joe Goetz, reportedly came up with the concept for the Rum Diet while trying to find a way to enjoy his beloved rum drinks without the extra fat and sugar. Joe, a low-carb dieter, observed that there weren’t many alternatives for rum lovers who wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. He set out to make a rum that would appeal to health-conscious people without sacrificing flavour.

How it’s made: Rum Diet 

The same premium molasses used to make Key West Distilling’s other rums is utilised to make The Rum Diet. Nevertheless, the distillery employs a patented procedure that entails distilling the molasses at a lower temperature and slower rate instead of fermenting the molasses into a wash, as is traditionally done in rum manufacturing. 

This makes it possible to isolate the alcohol from other contaminants, producing a cleaner and purer spirit. The outcome is the rum that is ideal for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity since it is not just reduced in calories and carbohydrates but also gluten-free. With flavours of vanilla, caramel, and wood and a smooth finish, The Rum Diet has a distinct taste profile that makes it ideal for drinking on its own or blending into cocktails.

The popularity of the Rum Diet

Both health-conscious customers and cocktail connoisseurs have taken to the Rum Diet. Critics have commended its flexibility and distinctive flavour, giving it rave reviews. The Rum Diet may be sipped on its own, over ice, or combined with other spirits to make a range of cocktails, including traditional rum beverages like Rum and Coke, Daiquiri, and Mojito. Those who adhere to low-carb, keto, and other diets have also developed a devoted following for the Rum Diet. It has been highlighted as a healthier option to traditional rums in several health and wellness journals, including Men’s Health, Shape, and Women’s Health.

Why is the Rum Diet so popular? 

The Rum Diet’s adaptability is one of the factors contributing to its popularity. Unlike other low-carb spirits, the Rum Diet is a fantastic basis for various cocktails, which can be more difficult to blend. It blends beautifully with fruit juices, citrus, and spices, making it the perfect ingredient for sophisticated cocktails and tropical and fruity beverages. The Rum Diet’s dedication to quality and sustainability is another factor in its popularity. Key West Distillery ensures that its rums are tasty and ecologically beneficial by using only the finest locally sourced ingredients and sustainable procedures. The distillery also supports neighbourhood charities and groups as part of its commitment to the neighbourhood.

Key West’s First legal rum distillery 

Florida rum is one of the most famous rums in America. Paul menta, age 57, is a rum fermentation expert and an expert chef. He owns key west first legal rum distillery. 

Paul, the rum expert and fermentation chef, sells the best rum in key west and owns the most famous distillery in key west. The range of flavours and fragrances that various rums had to offer captivated him. He intended to produce a selection of rums that captured the distinct tastes of Key West and the Caribbean.

Rum is produced utilising traditional Caribbean techniques and ingredients that are purchased locally. They combine premium cane sugar and molasses to provide a rich and complex taste profile. Their rums are matured in charred oak barrels, which gives the finished product a smokey taste.

They distil their rum at a lower temperature using a special vacuum distillation method. Consequently, the rum is smoother, delicious, and free of harmful chemicals and contaminants. A more genuine and complex product is produced due to the vacuum distillation method, which also enables them to keep more of the rum’s original tastes and fragrances. In this blog, we have told you about the Key West Distilling’s Rum Diet and its exceptional taste.

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