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An Account of Key West’s First Authorised Rum Distillery

Key West is a magnificent island in the Florida Keys that is well-known for its sunny weather, gorgeous beaches, and lively culture. There’s another reason to visit Key West, even though many people come here to unwind and enjoy the sunshine.

Here in Key West, we hold rum in very high regard. Being one of the major sites for carrying Caribbean rum into Florida speakeasies during Prohibition, this island previously played a significant part in the rum-running trade. Whether mixed with orange and pineapple for a bright rum runner or fresh limes and mint for a cool mojito, it remains the spirit of choice in the Florida Keys today. In this blog, we will give you An account of Key West’s First Authorized Rum Distillery.

About the distillery 

The Key West First Legal Rum Distillery is a small, family-run distillery that focuses on producing high-quality rum using conventional methods and locally obtained ingredients. The expansive Key West First Legal Rum Distillery provides free tours that provide an understanding of the regional rum-making process. Also, there are tastings and treats like rum cakes.

The backstory of the distillery 

Paul Menta, a Top businessman in Key West who loves making handmade rum, established the Key West First Legal Rum Distillery in 2012. Menta, the rum fermentation chef, sought to honor this legacy by building a distillery in key west that could manufacture high-quality rum using conventional techniques. He was motivated by the island’s past as a hub for rum-running during Prohibition. Menta, The expert chef, started by constructing a tiny distillery in his garden and making his first batches of rum with materials he found locally. As Paul is an expert in rum fermentation, he decided to establish a business distillery in the center of Key West as the demand for his rum increased. The Key West First Legal Rum Distillery is a well-known tourist attraction today and provides tours and tastings for anyone who wishes to learn more about the rum distillation process in key west.

Process of distillation 

Paul ferments rum, and the quantity and flavor of the spirits generated in each batch may differ based on various variables, including humidity, temperature, and pressure. Six hundred bottles of rum are produced each week, and impurities are removed using six distillations. The base rum has a creamy texture, a butterscotch aroma, and a pear finish. In some batches, the black truffle flavor may be detectable. Both beginners and professionals choose the smooth Key West Raw & Unfiltered Blend because of its rich fig and oaky tones. The Chef Distilled brand adds Key Lime, Coconut, and Vanilla Creme Brulee to their original white rums to create novel flavors. After distillation, the rum is matured in American white oak barrels, giving it a pleasant, mellow flavor. Before being bottled and marketed, the barrels are aged for several years in temperature-controlled storage.

Visits and Samples 

Visitors to the distillery may take a tour between 3 and 3:30 pm and see as prefiltered alcohol is poured into the still. If you miss the official tour, the staff will usually be willing to show you around while at work. Don’t expect to see Menta looking at the stills on a windy day. He’ll be outdoors kiteboarding. An in-depth look at the distillation process may be seen during the facility’s guided tour, which is available to visitors of the Key West First Legal Rum Distillery. The tour also includes rum tastings, allowing guests to try various flavors and discover more about the distinctive qualities of each product. The distillery offers tours, special events, and in-depth sampling for parties and groups. A Key West First Legal Rum Distillery tour, is guaranteed to be a highlight of your vacation, whether you’re a rum fan or just searching for a distinctive and unforgettable experience in Key West.

Famous products 

Each rum variety produced by the Key West First Legal Rum Distillery has a distinctive taste character. The most well-liked goods are:

First Legal Rum

This distillery’s signature product is prepared with molasses acquired locally and aged in barrels made of American white oak for a pleasant, mellow flavor.

Key West Distillery Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee 

Green coffee beans are aged in rum barrels to create this unique product, which gives the coffee a rich, smooth flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel.

Dark rum Key West Distillery

This rum has a rich, complex taste profile since it is prepared with molasses and fresh sugarcane juice.

So we have given you An account of Key West’s First Authorised Rum Distillery. Thus, visiting the distillery anytime in Key West, Florida, would be best. As previously said, they will amuse you with Key West’s greatest rum.

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